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  • SUNMARK Production Co. Ltd.

    Lot D 8A3-CN My Phuoc Ind, Zone 3, Ben Cat, Binh Duong, Vietnam

    Website: www.sunmark.com

    Catching the sun and spreading the benefits
    The goal of SUNMARK is to deliver sustainable solar solutions in all phases of development and production in order to make solar energy a major source of energy. SUNMARK not only develops and produces advanced thermal energy panels. We also deliver individual customized turn-key solutions, including project management and service. We believe in sticking to our core competencies. We develop and produce thermal solar energy. This is our field and this is where we excel.
    SUNMARK in Vietnam
    We produce high-quality solar panels in our factory in Vietnam to ensure global competitiveness.
    The fewest Danes know Vietnam. The Chief Executive Officer, Hans Grydehøj didn’t know the country either until he got a project in 2003, where he delivered solar panels to a company in the interesting country. The project was the beginning of the factory - today known as SUNMARK Production Co. Ltd. with about 100 employees.
    There are great opportunities for thermal solar energy all over the world and especially the Asian market is huge. However the international competition increases all the time and the cocktail of Danish development and design combined with the production in a country with low wages like Vietnam strengthened the competitiveness of SUNMARK on the global market.
    The factory in Vietnam is organized and equipped according to Danish standards. Today the factory has about 100 employees and an annual production capacity of 250.000 m2 solar panels.
    The quality securing system is ISO certified by ”BUREAU VERITAS”, which ensures that the qualified employees follow the described processes. Although the name on the certificate is the old one, the certificate is valid for the company with the new name. The ISO certificate will result in a high and unique level of quality and ensures/guarantees efficient procedures within all processes.

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