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  • BrandMagic

    39 Hai Bà Trưng, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

    Website: www.brandmagic.tv

    Số nhân viên: 100-200

    BrandMagic has over 20 years of experience in Virtual Advertising, Digital Branding, and Product Placement. We integrate and develop the latest technologies with unique market and creative expertise to generate award winning innovative advertising.
    BrandMagic offers a unique turn key solution in Virtual Advertising and can proudly say we are the only group in the world of virtual advertising with a proven track record of generating incremental revenues for our broadcasting partners.
    In the past 12 months alone we have delivered virtual advertising for more than 2,000 live events around the world, ranging from innovative advertising in MLB baseball games, World Series and All-Star Game to thousands of Premiere League, La Liga, Serie A, Budersliga and Indonesian IPL football games. We have done thousands of NHL ice hockey games, basketball, badminton, cricket and many more.
    BrandMagic is also the world’s leader in Virtual Advertising to non sports events with countless live operations in studio, reality, drama, sitcom and general entertainment productions at some of the world’s biggest performances such as the X-factor, The Amazing Race, Idol shows and countless studio and live productions.
    Our unparalleled experience and technological advantage makes us the fastest growing profit center in each TV station we partner with.
    BrandMagic provides all the virtual needs of a large broadcaster in one solution, ranging from improving the look of a broadcast giving it a modern cutting edge appeal to being an income source through virtual advertising.
    Our expertise and service apply to anything from Drama, Reality or studio broadcasts, to Sports and News.

    Our unique full service approach covers all aspects of the virtual advertising added value chain:

    Sales & Marketing consulting: Based on our expertise with some of the largest TV networks in the world and key Fortune 500 clients.

    Creative execution: We are the most experienced group in devising and implementing creative for virtual advertising from conceptualizing, creative ideas, copy writing and the actual production of high-end 3D animation.

    Technology: We provide the best and latest technology to fit our partner’s needs. There is no need to keep purchasing and updating equipment as we always have and provide the best solutions tailored to a project's needs.

    Operation: We will place our experienced operators at your broadcast center, our group has been involved with most of the virtual advertising broadcast worldwide. Having been in the business on the technology, marketing and operation fronts longer than any other party in the market, we have the most experience in making the operation of virtual a pain free success for you. We have set up virtual advertising operations around the globe.

    Some of our key achievements around the world are the virtual advertising businesses built with Fox in the US, SportsNet in Canada, Televisa in Mexico and with TVE and La Sexta in Spain; businesses in which the revenues from virtual advertising sales range from several million dollars a year to tens of millions of dollars yearly.

    Please feel free to contact us with any inquires at: jobs@brandmagic.tv

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