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 28/3 Đường Kp3-1 Thị Trấn Hốc Môn, Huyện Hốc Môn, Tp.hcm


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•Team management.
•English: medium
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    Học vấn / bằng cấp

    Từ 09/1992 - 06/1996


    Trường / nơi đào tạo: Open University

    Ngành: Business Administration

    Kinh nghiệm làm việc (19 năm)

    Đã từng

    Sale Manager

    Công ty: International Cosmetic Company (Icc)

    Mô tả:
    + Industry: Oral Care (Toothpaste, Toothbrush), Home Care (Dish Washing, Floor Cleaning), Fabric Care (Detergent, Soften fabric). + Scope: Nationwide 1.Customer/Account Development •Key person for distributor management (selection, operations, review, ROI analysic), develop strong Distributor relationships and partnerships across all levels. Identifies key opportunities to further build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure business directions are aligned and partner of choice. •Establishes and sets the go to market strategy for each region, each area to deliver performance targets related to sales and volume, costs, profit, in store presence, visibility, operations in shop, service standards (good delivery, discount, promotion…) and productivity. •Responsible for delivering company sales objectives in assigned each territories. Develop and execute the monthly/quarterly/ annual business plans in accordance with the objective of growing the whole business. 2.Sales Analysis and Forecasting / Business Development •Reviews and approves revenue targets and sets standards for sales coverage and distribution. •Evaluates and approves sales trends as baseline for sales forecast. •Oversees distributors’ sales performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis (e.g., monthly/ quarterly analysis, sales ratio analysis, actual performance vs. projection, etc.) from company, category, brands/SKUs, from both trending as well as historical growth rates. •To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of sales systems and processes. •Ensure that all business plans and tactics are communicated clearly and in a timely manner to the RSM’s, ASM’s, SSs, SRs. •Identify market gaps & opportunities by key provinces & channels, including competitors’ intelligence, develop and implement regional programs to address key opportunities. •Maximize the sale and distribution of all company products in the assigned region through the establishment and appropriate execution of local and national sales programs. •Monitor market / retailer activity to develop the most cost-effective strategies in order to drive volume and profitability through increased penetration and promotion. •Ensure the targeted use of sales tools and programs, while seeing that distributors execute designed programs. 3.Merchandising and In-store Activations •Oversees and ensures the efficient and effective deployment of sales-initiated in store promotions; merchandising activity plans. •Reviews and develops merchandising solutions for key channels – modern trade and general trade. •Oversees execution of in store promotions and merchandising activities. 4.Sales Operations & Capability Building / Financial Management •Approves program/project proposals and sets the priorities of initiatives based on business objectives and resources. •Spearheads changes in sales strategy, processes and structure. •Oversees the Sales flagship programs identified in the annual business plans. Reviews and approves contingency and catch-up plans. 5.People Management •Participates in the recruitment and selection of employees for key roles. •Be an inspirational and motivational leader, ensuring the buy-in and commitment of all team members, and peers within the business. Act as coach, guide and mentor to employees •Manage people / organization development in areas of performance and capability development (performance improvement, training, capacity, performance evaluation). •Develop and implement training plans to ensure that associates are able to grow and demonstrate mastery of required competencies in their jobs and deliver desired performance levels •Develops a team and individual scorecard and conducts regular performance reviews to identify opportunities; develops plans for gap closure. •Sets and ensures compliance of direct reports/staff to guidelines, policies, and procedures of the team as aligned with the company’s.
    Từ 09/2016 - 11/2017

    Sales Manager

    Công ty: International Diary Product Company (i Co.)dp

    Mô tả:
    •Manage sales result and distribution sysytem in the Eastern and HCM. •Plan for the implementation and achieve business objectives: Plan targets, promotions planning, sales planning, order plans. •Check and monitor the daily activities / week / month on sales, sell calls, distributor orders, market programs, focus brand, customer services. •Human resource: Employee recruitment, staff training, employee encouragement, employee performance evaluation. •Recommend and implement activities to expand / deep coverage, increase market share in the area charge. Line Manager: Vice CEO Team member: 5 ASMs, 25 SSs, 28 distributors, 87 Sales Reps.
    Từ 06/2014 - 09/2016

    Regional Sales Manager

    Công ty: Nestle

    Mô tả:
    •Ensure achievement of agreed targets/KPIs (NPS, RIG, TS, distribution, call coverage/frequency, merchandising) for the assigned Region •Implement, follow up and update Field Sales Plan for the assigned Region •Responsible for setting objectives, leading negotiation process with Distributors (or any other 3rd party partners). Execute daily monitoring of customer's performance against defined KPIs (sales out, inventory level, order placement on-time etc) •Responsible for the execution of the Channel Category plans at the POP (Cycle Plan from ICP). Support the development of Field Sales and Category channel Plans by providing feedback on the Cycle plan activities execution •Responsible to provide quality and on-time information on demand forecast by customer, report on market dynamics, competitor activities •Ensure adherence to all Company principles and policies including NMLP, TS, Nestle/local Trade policy, local Trade Terms, IC3, Safety and local regulations •Coach, motivate and develop Nestle direct sales force. Line Manager: South Branch Sales Manager (HCM & Mekong). My team member: 8 ASM, 8 OM of Distributor, 89 Sales Rep., 12 Merchaindiser.
    Từ 05/2011 - 02/2014

    Shopper Development Manager

    Công ty: Colgate Palmolive Vietnam Company

    Mô tả:
    A.Distributor Planning: •Monitor and communicate progress of deployment •Prepare and communicate final report of activity, including, ROI, learnings, investments and recommendations •Identify business opportunities by distributor by RE by sub CAT from GAPs in 5Ps execution and evaluate business size of opportunity and develop plans to address and "encash" them •Base on KPI which will help to grow business build salesman basic salary and monthly incentives in every year. B.Customer Investment Strategy: •Provide inputs to Customer Marketing Group (CMG) for investment guidelines based on market realities with an objective of optimizing investments in Retail Environments (REs)/Customer serviced by distributors. •Prepare plans and obtain approval to reinvest reversals to drive growth •Submit final (full) report to Team Leader (TL), CMG, and Customer Development Director (CDD). C.Execution of 5P Plans by RE: •Provide inputs for 5Ps strategy •Cascade 5Ps strategy to CDT •Prepare, Cascade, monitor and ensure compliance of promo packs, targeted distribution packs, assortment packs and trade deal allocations by distributor by RE/ Identified set of customer adhering to guidelines given by CMG •Develop a compelling selling story to leverage on sales growth for increased SOS/In store presence in coordination with CMG. Line Manager: Indirect Team Leader and Sales Director. Scope of work: Nationwide My team member: 1 Shopper Development Manager assistant.
    Từ 04/2007 - 05/2011

    Regional Sales Manager

    Công ty: Colgate Palmolive Vietnam Company

    Mô tả:
    •Implement strategic planning: Regularly maintain the liaison with team in deploying CP strategy. Implement strategies in accordance with all the issues that may impact the achievement of area goals •Sales Objectives: Analysis and evaluate business situation (strength, weakness, opportunities, threatens) at the assigned areas. Manage the field sales activities of the assigned territory in such manner as to achieve sales budget (primary and secondary sales). To monitor and back check the whole area’s performance •Resource management: Work with team to ensure efficient strategy implementing at the assigned territory. Review itinerary, monthly working plan and reports of team and make appropriate recommendation in order to maximize CDS/ASM efficiency. Performance review for team. To prepare the succession plan for potential CDS/ASM. Set sales indices for DSP .Co-ordinate with Training Dept. to set up the training territory for new ASM/CDS/DSP in the assigned area; and furthermore ASM should be a facilitator in training course. Co-ordinate with HR in CDS recruitment •Distributor management: Control business operating and result of all Distributors in assigned territory. Evaluate Distributor’s KPIs. Work with Distributor, review their performance and consult them how to achieve their target. •Supply chain management: Support for CDS/ASM how to push the rotation of inventory. Support Customer Service Dept. in delivering on time, good service to Distributor. •Trade relation building: To have a plan for visiting District distributor, Key Wholesaler, KA in the field trip to each province. Co-ordinate with ASM and play the subordinate role in organizing the customer meeting (KA meeting) at the assigned territory •Promotion: To monitor and implement the national trade promotional activity effectively in assigned territory. Propose and submit the promotion schemes for RE only in local areas to CMM& Sales Director (SD). •Merchandising activities: supervisor the POP materials usage of distributor •Information management: Provide weekly and monthly report to SD. To make the distribution check for each field trip. •Join to Colgate Business Process (CBP) team. Line Manager: Sales Director. Team Members: South: 4 ASMs, 24 SSs and 31 Distributors, 4 Super Distributors province and 16 Rural distributor, 168 Sales Rep. and Merchaindisers. North: 5 ASMs, 28 SSs and 44 Distributors, 8 Super Distributors province and 27 Rural distributor, 205 Sales Rep. and Merchaindisers.
    Từ 06/2000 - 04/2007

    Area Sales Manager

    Công ty: Colgate Palmolive Vietnam Company

    Mô tả:
    6)09/2005 - 04/2007:South Regional Sales Manager 10/2004 - 09/2005:HCM Area Sales Manager. 05/2003 - 10/2004:Central 2 Area Sales Manager. 7)06/2000 - 06/2002 : Sales Supervisor Colgate Palmolive. 8)1998 - 06.2000 : Deputy Manager - Deadong - Miền Đông JVC supermarket. 9)1996 - 1998 : Furniture Factory Manager at Nguyen Phuoc LTD Co.

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    28/3 Đường Kp3-1 Thị Trấn Hốc Môn, Huyện Hốc Môn, Tp.hcm
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