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Đăng nhập nhanh bằng facebook

Đăng nhập nhanh bằng facebook

  • InterContinental Nha Trang
  • InterContinental Nha Trang

    32-34 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

    Website: www.ihg.com/intercontinental

    Điện thoại: 058 3887 777

    Nha Trang has a new expression of luxury. From the spectacular beach to the unsurpassed level of service you would expect from an InterContinental, we use local knowledge to help you discover exactly what make this wonderful destination unique. Part of the Costa Nha Trang complex - a new icon of contemporary living in Nha Trang city, the beach front urban retreat is located right in the center of Tran Phu street. A sophisticated lifestyle... » Xem thêm

Banquet Manager
  • Lượt xem: 971
  • Ngày cập nhật: 14-12-2013
31-12-2013 (Đã hết hạn)
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Thông tin tuyển dụng

Banquet Manager

Số lượng: 01

Cấp bậc: Trưởng phòng

Loại hình công việc: Bán thời gian cố định

Nơi làm việc

Khánh Hòa

Mức lương

Thương lượng

Mô tả công việc

• To ensure that the agreed budgeted targets are achieved or bettered.
• To ensure that the food and liquor costs are maintained at their agreed levels and that the correct profit margins are achieved.
• To ensure a prompt, courteous response and follow up to all enquiries.
• To ensure that once a booking is confirmed, all details and requirements are noted, using a check list, so that nothing is forgotten, e.g.:
- Number of covers
- Where to assemble
- Where to serve
- Details of menu
- Plan of tables
- List of guests
- Drinks, aperitifs, wines, liqueurs, spirits, and whether per-ordered or cash, cigars, cigarettes
- Entertainment
• To liaise or ensure liaison with the client a few days before the function to confirm exact numbers, in turn informing the appropriate departmental heads.
• To ensure that bands, discos, or entertainment have been booked as directed.
• To ensure that duty rosters are compiled, making certain that adequate numbers of experienced permanent and casual waiting staff will be on duty.
• To check the function room, anterooms and cloakrooms for cleanliness before guests arrive, table layout and stipulated specific requirements to enable shortcomings to be rectified.
• To greet the host and circulate during the course of the function to ensure availability in the event of a problem or complaint.
• To ensure that the accounts department receives accurate information to enable it to correctly bill the client.
• To ensure that all staff are correctly and smartly dressed at all times.
• To ensure effective briefing of waiting staff before the function commences.
• To ensure that bar and waiting staff know the limit of open bars and that this is not exceeded.
• To ensure that the service of food and drink is courteous and professional.
• To ensure that tables are correctly set and that table appointments, including flower arrangements, are impeccable.
• To ensure that surplus equipment is removed once the function is over and returned to its correct storage place.
• To check equipment against the function checklist to ensure that no items have been misappropriated or mislaid.
• To check equipment regularly against the inventory to ensure minimum losses.
• To ensure maximum security of all areas under your control, paying particular attention to valuable assets, e.g. silverware.
• To ensure that all items are used for their correct purpose and not abused, e.g. knives used as screwdrivers, table-cloths or napkins used for cleaning.
• To give feedback on guest letters and comments.
• To ensure that attendance registers are completed daily in accordance with statutory procedures and that any anomalies are reported to the Personnel Department.
• To carry out or ensure that regular On-the-Job Training is carried out to enable staff to perform their duties correctly.
• To prepare and submit on the required format all information necessary for budgeting purposes, timeously and accurately.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Agile, dynamic, creative and take risks.
- University degree in business administration, hospitality management or other related field.
- Minimum 3 years experience in the same position.
- Good interpersonal and computer skills.
- Fluent English skills – speaking, reading and writing.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Hạn nộp hồ sơ

31-12-2013 (Đã hết hạn)

Ngôn ngữ hồ sơ

Tiếng Anh

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Banquet Manager - Intercontinental Nha Trang

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