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Đăng nhập nhanh bằng facebook

Đăng nhập nhanh bằng facebook

  • Công ty TNHH TM DV Du Lich Trần Đặng
  • Công ty TNHH TM DV Du Lich Trần Đặng

    246 - 248 De Tham St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

    Website: http://www.thesinhtourist.vn

    Điện thoại: +84.8.38389593

    Fax: +84.8.38369322

    Số nhân viên: 200-500

    The travel stories with cups of coffee at a coffee house had inspired the foundation of a travel agent named Sinh Cafe in 1993.

    A coffee house located in Pham Ngu Lao Street had welcomed many travelers throughout the world who wanted to stop for a cup of coffee and making plan for their upcoming travel. Since then “The travel stories with cups of coffee” had begun its first pages.

    The need of travelers had made Sinh Cafe feel that it is necessary to introduce travelers its Vietnam country, its culture, its people with its friendly instinct and hospitality. Sinh Cafe was the first in Saigon who has provided travelers with travel information and transport to ease their travel.

    Sinh Cafe had witnessed a variety of market segments of the tourist industry with different types of travelers ever increasing in a potential market in blossom. Sinh Cafe has diversified its products to please the travelers in the spirit of keeping up its traditional core business: To introduce its Vietnam country and Vietnamese people to friends all over the world. This is the initial mission of the inborn concept of founding Sinh Cafe.

    Sinh Cafe has made every effort to develop a stable system of human resources to improve know how and professionalism of its staff. Sinh Cafe has strengthened ceaselessly the quality its services i.e. package tours, tailored tours, open bus at a reasonable price. Additionally, Sinh Cafe has developed its strength in building and designing open tours with multiple choices which can meet diversiform requirements of local and international travelers.

    Today Sinh Cafe is an internationally-renowned, award-winning travel agent. Our first cafeteria serving as a travel office in Ho Chi Minh City has grown with the establishment of local offices in Da Lat, Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue, Hanoi and international offices in Phnom Penh, Siem Riep.

    Though it has grown significantly over years, its philosophy for business has not changed: To introduce Vietnam to worldwide friends with passion to please them is its principal mission as initially set.

    To mark the growth of a coffee house organizing travel to become a professional travel agent, it decided to change its trademark and logo from Sinh Cafe to TheSinhTourist.

    Travel stories with cups of coffee had inspired the foundation of Sinh Cafe in 1993, and has given birth to TheSinhTourist in 2009. TheSinhTourist will keep on developing sustainably “The travel stories with cups of coffee” from now on to satisfy all travel needs of the world people

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Công ty TNHH TM DV Du Lich Trần Đặng tuyển dụng

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Công ty TNHH TM DV Du Lich Trần Đặng tuyển dụng

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    Ms Hương Thảo: 0165 969 0857 - Ms Hòa : 0973 208 847
    Ms Thùy Mai: 0972 284 972 - Ms Lệ Giang: 0164 983 6546
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