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01 Phổ Quang, phường 2, quận Tân Bình
Website: www.sovilaco.com.vn Điện thoại: 08 39976320 Fax: 08 39976321 Số nhân viên: 50-100

Labour Export –Trading and Tourist Company Limited (SOVILACO Co., Ltd) is a State-run business, directly under Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social and Affairs, which has long been known for its operations any of the following fields:
- Sending Vietnamese workers and specialists abroad for working;
- Manpower training to meet domestic and foreign partners’ demand; Import-export of commodities; Oversea study consulting service; Organizing domestic and international tours;

Licensed to operate mainly in the field of sending Vietnamese employees and experts to work abroad. Since its establishment in 1991, SOVILACO has long been known as a leading manpower company in Vietnam as well as in the region, who has sent over 80,000 employees, from trainees (Korea & Japan), electricians, painters, carpenters, electronic assemblers to engineers (mechanical, construction, software, hardware, electrical, electronics) to work in 30 countries and territories.

From 1994 to 2007, Sovilaco is one of the first company sending Vietnamese labour working in Korea under KFSB’s Industrial training programme, has sent more than 7,000 trainees.

During the past years, SOVILACO has dispatched qualified fishing crew to work on fishing boats and vessels in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Panama…. Kindly refer to the below table for our yearly dispatching nearly 400 fishing crew. Most of our recruited fishing crews come from coastal provinces of Vietnam. They are really good fishing crew with many years of experience, no sea-sickness and good skills in fishing, swimming, fishing-net fixing, etc., who have been highly appreciated by Taiwanese owners for their good performance. We always cooperate closely with the local authorities in the recruitment of the qualified fishing crew who can meet the specific requirements as mentioned in the contracts signed with foreign partners. We’ve never recruited or selected any candidates in provinces which high run-away ratio.

SOVILACO not only pay special attention to the recruitment quality but also to the orientation and foreign language training to the selected candidates. All selected candidates have to undergo a serious training period ranging from four to six months, depending on the partners’ requirements at our training center named SCHOOL FOR INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER (SIM), located at No.6 Phan Dinh Giot Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City. The orientation contents are designed to meet the specific requirements of the signed contracts and Vietnam regulations on foreign language and orientation training for the employees who go to work abroad. Training capacity 10,000 employees/year with the Training Department:

 IT Department
 Professional knowledge for fishing crew
 Foreign Language Department
 Technology and professional Department
During the orientation course, we focus on receiving country’s laws, regulations, customs, work disciplines and run-away penalties as well as policies to encourage the employees complete the employment contract.

On the other hand, our company incessantly strengthens the employees’ management during their period of work abroad and properly strictly solves any employees who break the work disciplines or who violate the regulations and obligations specified in the signed contracts. To better manage the employees during their period of overseas employment, we have maintained a branch in Korea, two representative offices in Malaysia, one in Japan and one in Taiwan. Please visit our website for further information.

With our good experience and policies in fishing crew recruitment, SOVILACO wish to cooperate with Korean businesses and organizations in supplying and dispatching Vietnamese fishing crew to work in the Korean ships or vessels on the spirit of equality and mutual benefits in accordance with the law of each country and international practices.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to a chance to work with your esteem organization.
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